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As Old as the Hills

by Usud

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Vanja Oh boy, has the notification of this release brightened my day! I'd already buried this album, mourned it and moved on with my life. I never thought it'd see the light of day.

Superb atmospheric death metal with plenty of blackened riffs. A great mix worth the wait. Favorite track: Resurrection.
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released June 26, 2019

As Old as the Hills is performed by:
Denis Balaban - guitars
Jurica Jakić - bass and vocals
Branimir Tonković - drums

All songs by Usud.
Guitars and bass recorded during 2011. by Denis and Jurica, re-amped in 2014. by Ivan Jakić.
Drums and vocals recorded during 2012. by Branimir in legendary Usud garage.
Mixed and mastered by Ivan Jakić ( in 2019.
Cover photo by Robert L.
Cover layout and design by 5L081CH.6R4PH1C5.
Usud endorses single foot blast beats and heavily distorted guitars and basses.
Thanks to Six, Iko, our friends, families and loved ones.
Sloboština death metal forever!




Usud Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Bearers of Truth
Far angels, bearers of truth,
pounce upon my fettered soul.
Enclosed by a wall of pain,
I can’t hear the seraph calling me.

To crush the barrier
is to unmask the divinity.
Now tear off my useless face,
I will remain in your possession.

I’ll throw my old clothes away
and wrap myself in darkness.
Relieved, embracing eternity,
I’ll bear the truth from this time forward.
Track Name: Possessed
Walking through the mist,
wondered where the sun went.
Thick air chokes me,
I can't remember my name.

Like the black picture I once draw,
feeling afraid and alone.
Where is the morning light,
light that I saw before?

It’s inside you, someone said.
And the mist is here no more.

Slowly, I merge with darkness surrounding me,
I sit down with my arms crossed.
Track Name: Absence
Frightening pictures from the past,
followed by voices,
they never let me sleep.

Hundred tales were said
since I’ve journeyed across the land.
How many nights I hoped, endlessly,
for His departure.
I return after many years
and what do I stumble upon?

His old grey-bearded face,
those omnipotent eyes,
They never let me sleep.
Track Name: Soulless
Approaching salvation,
lurking from the dark,
I’ve tortured my troubled mind
for quite some time.
Soulless, at the time,
with scars from the past.

I was banned from the circle of life.
I did not see the forest from the trees.

My heart is restless.
Allow my eyes to close.
I just wanted silence.
Track Name: Throne of Death
Centuries have past
and time left its mark
on this once beautiful land.

And yet He sits still, untouched,
on His perpetual throne of death.
Now only few desperate corpses
wonder the land.

Clear waters filled with blood,
Over the years sorrow prevailed.
Track Name: Resurrection
You are here today and gone tomorrow.
Without a word. Either way, you are here today.

Forlorn tomorrow, come this way,
time is of the essence.

Follow my footsteps
in to the night.
Don't be afraid.
Have I ever failed you?

As my fire burned throughout eternity
so can your light reappear and shine.
Again, time is of the essence,
I won't come for you again.
Track Name: As Old as the Hills
As old as the hills,
People said behind my back.
And those few are resting
peacefully now.

Cannot listen to the birds anymore,
their laugh drove me mad.
I wish my hands to untangle,
I wish to stand on my feet.

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